2014 MICROSTEP Aquacut 4001.20W


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ModelAquacut 4001.20W
Processing surface water jet4000x2000mm
CNC machine controliMSNC500
PumpHypertherm HyPrecision 50 OEM Pump
Abrasive removal systemincluded


Machine is in very good condition, well serviced and can be inspected under power.


Use: water and/or abrasive

Processing surface water jet: 4000x2000mm

Abrasive removal system: included

Max range Z-axis: 150mm

Drive: double-sided drag-free guide

Guide: linear ball guides for X, Y and Z axes

Height control with tactile sensor

Cutting accuracy: according to ISO 9013

Machine accuracy: EN 28 206

Positioning speed: up to 40,000mm/min in X direction

Energy connections: 400V, 50Hz, 16A, compressed air 6 bar

Allfi Abrasive cutting head

CNC machine control: iMSNC500

Automatic water level height control from the machine control

portal control points: 2

Sand flow controller

Sand flow monitor

Hypertherm HyPrecision 50 OEM Pump:

Max output pressure: 4100 bar

Output flow: 3.8 l/min

Man. Focus diameter: 0.35 mm

HD Pressure cylinder: single acting

Dimensions L x W x H: 178, 86.4 x 117 cm

Main motor: 50hp (37kW)

Electric: 380V/ 3F/ 50Hz, 71A

Hydraulic oil capacity: 150 liters

Cooling water: 7 liters

Weight: 1315 kg

Minimum water pressure on inlet: 2.5 bar

Double-sided powered with two-sided independently controlled gantry

Machine guides are linear guides that guarantee a long life and high accuracy

The guides on the gantry are protected with a concertina casing against splashing water and sand

Driven by AC servo motors on the X and Y axes with encoder directly on the motor shaft

The long guides of the machine are mechanically shielded with a metal shield

More information, video and pictures on request.