2004 AMADA EM 2510 NT





ModelEM 2510 NT
Working range2500 x 1270 mm
Table loading weight150 kg
Punching force200 kN
Positioning speed128 m/min
Max. hit rate1000 /min
Tooling systemTurret
Tool stations45
ControllerAMNC-F (15") 5 Axes


Machine is in good condition and can be inspected under power.

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Working range: 2500 x 1270 mm

Table loading weight: 150 kg

Positioning speed: 128 m/min

Punching force: 200 kN

Max. Material thickness: 3.2mm (mild steel)

Punching drive Servo-electric twin drive

Max. hit rate: 1000 /min

Hit rate in marking mode: 500 /min

Hit rate with 25mm pitch: 1800 /min

Tooling system: Turret

Tool stations: 45

Tool stations / rotatable 4

Drive AC Servo drives

Controller: AMNC-F (15") 5 Axes

Display size 15"

Display type Colour display (Touchscreen)

Operating system Windows XP

Memory capacity 128 MB

Programming system Absolute / incremental

Electrical connection: 400V / 50Hz

Electrical consumption: 1kW – 7kW

Air consumption machine: 250 l/min

Air consumption Air Jet Vacuum: 250 l/min

Machine dimensions:

Length 5120 mm

Width 4878 mm

Height 2318 mm

Weight 18000 kg

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